3 Best Ways to Sell Spring Designs

With spring right around the corner, its time to start getting ready for the rush of spring breakers! WildSide has put together for you three of the best ways to sell spring stock heat transfers.

1.) Popular Tourist Areas-  If you live in a tourist area such as Florida or California, students traveling for spring break will come right to you! This is a big opportunity to sell to spring breakers looking for one or multiple souvenir t-shirts.

2.) Events, Festivals, Parades etc.- Research ahead of time for events coming to your area. Plan out your orders of transfers and apparel to assure there is no lapse in stocks. If you wanted personalized transfers, like adding the events name and/or location, you can use our custom option!

3) The Best Apparel- Make sure you pick out the best apparel for your customers. It may cost a bit more, but they will love a better-made garment and will pay for it. Some great hip options are offered below on our website under the Blank Apparel tab.

 Newly Released Designs

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