I know you’ve had someone tell you, “You look so familiar!” or come up to you and a friend and say, “You two could be brothers/sisters!”

A few years back, there was even an online Twin Strangers project, which challenged three friends to find their nearly identical counterpart using the powers of social media. This sparked the craze of hundreds of thousands of online users desperate to find their doppelgänger.

What would you do if you spotted your look-a-like on the street? You would probably smile and go about your day, possibly making a comment how your features were so similar. It’s bound to happen.

But, how would you feel if you found your doppelgänger while browsing the new WildSide heat press transfers?

That’s exactly what happened to Jon. A few coworkers were sorting through the stacks when they were taken aback by the similarities of Jon and the Hipster Skull stock transfer. He still hasn’t admitted to posing like a French girl for this portrait!

Check out the resemblance yourself: